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Navy Body Fat Percentage Calculator

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The Navy Body Fat Percentage Calculator app helps you easily plug your body circumference measurements into the formula commonly known as the ‘Navy method’, long used by the US Navy as part of its fitness readiness test (FRT) and body composition assessment (BCA).

All you need is a tape measure, and the circumference reading of two (or three) sites in your body: your neck and your waist, and also your hips, if you’re a woman.

Give it a try! This is a simple Beta release, but a lot of features are in the pipeline, and with your valuable feedback we can prioritize those features that you want the most.

All your calculations to date can be displayed by tapping “History” on the menu. Handy to see changes in lean weight and body fat percentage over time. The next release will present this data using fancy colorful graphs, so stay tuned!

While not one of the most accurate methods of measuring body fat percentage (it is an estimate, after all) it is in close agreement with sophisticated body composition analysis methods. Check out the Help section of the app for the juicy references to the original research papers!

Note that as of January 2016 the US Navy has made the body fat percentage requirements a bit looser and more age graduated, taking into account changes that occur as the body ages.

You can download the Navy body fat percentage calculator below:

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