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Tap Shoot Mood

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Put your ‘perfect timing’ skills to the test! Choose between four colorful mandalas and decorated arrows, and pick a soundtrack that suits your mood.

Now start shooting, ’cause that’s when the madness begins.

Nail enough shots and the wheel spins so fast the colors almost blend into one. Play by instinct! (Particularly if you pick the blue mandala as your target).

You may find yourself mesmerized by the spinning wheel for a few seconds without taking a shot, or just plain confused by the slow going new age soundtrack in complete dissonance with the game speed.

Climb up the leaderboard and try to unlock all 32 achievements!

Perfect for when you need a mood pick-up, a cure for boredom or a period of mindless existence.

You can download Tap Shoot Mood! below:

Get it on Google Play

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